Instructor Adrian AlanInstructor Adrian Alan
Director of Vortex Edge

Adrian Alan

Adrian is a 15-year law enforcement veteran with experience in both urban and rural jurisdictions. Adrian has worked in patrol, as a field training officer, on a crime suppression team and on SWAT, including five years attached to his agency’s sniper platoon where he deployed on warrants, callouts, dignitary visits and public events.

Adrian is an armorer on multiple weapon platforms, holds numerous WI DOJ LESB instructor and MIT certifications, is a law enforcement sniper instructor and has taught a broad range of topics to law enforcement personnel, military units and private citizens.

Firearms Instructor & Range Officer

Pete Shreier

Pete has previously served in both law enforcement, as a deputy sheriff, and in the military – completing tours in both Kosovo and Iraq as an infantryman with the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division.

Pete first learned to shoot in the Boy Scouts, and as an early adopter of the pistol-mounted optic, is a highly-competitive USPSA shooter in the carry optics division.

Firearms Instructor & Range Officer

Justin Lipska

Justin is a 10-year military veteran who served eight years with 10th Special Forces Group, serving as a Weapons Sergeant on a SFOD-A team where he conducted a wide variety of duties including weapons training, unconventional warfare, direct action, special reconnaissance and foreign internal defense missions.

Justin also served as both a Special Forces sniper, and sniper instructor conducting training in advanced long-range marksmanship and sniper operations for 10th SFG(A). Justin has multiple deployments to Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Assistant Instructors

Mike Mohr

Mike has worked as a Deputy Sheriff for 17 years, serving in corrections, patrol & currently as a full-time agency instructor. Mike has served on his agency’s SWAT team for 14 years, including 10 years as the team’s primary firearms instructor. He has filled the role of assaulter, assistant team leader and team leader. Mike holds numerous WI DOJ LESB instructor certifications and multiple armorer certifications. Prior to his career in law enforcement, Mike spent three years as a Ranger-qualified infantryman in the 25th Infantry Division. He has shot competitively since the 1990s.

Kyle McNally

Kyle is a Marine Corps veteran and a 15-year law enforcement veteran, serving as a Sergeant at a Sheriff’s Department in Southern Wisconsin. Over the course of his career, Kyle has worked corrections, patrol, SWAT and as an instructor in a variety of topics. He has wrestled since the age of 6, is a US Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (USMC-MCMAP) Black Belt, is a Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Brown Belt and has taught at several martial arts schools in the Madison area.

Eric Hartwig

Eric has worked as a deputy sheriff since 2003, serving as a patrol deputy, patrol supervisor and as a member of a multi-jurisdictional drug task force. Eric has been involved with SWAT operations since 2005 serving as an assaulter, breacher, team leader and team instructor for a regional emergency response team. Eric is a certified armorer for a variety of weapons platforms, holds multiple WI DOJ LESB instructor certifications is a master instructor for scenario-based training.

Nick Zimpel

Nick has spent 15 years in the fire service along with 13 years of concurrent time as a law enforcement officer. He currently serves as an Arson Investigator, Firefighter, Paramedic, and SWAT Medic at a full-time metropolitan fire department. Nick has a strong medical background and has responded to over 12,000 medical calls throughout his career. He has received numerous awards including Team Member of the Wisconsin State Fire Investigative Team of 2019, and 10 consecutive years of life-saving awards. Nick shoots 3-gun competitively and is an avid outdoorsman.