Red Dot Pistol Instructor (2 day)

Red Dot Pistol Instructor (2 day)

Price $400.00


This 16-hour course is focused on training law enforcement firearms instructors whose agencies are transitioning to, or exploring the use of, an optical sighting system on duty pistols. The course will cover the information and skills instructors need to successfully implement transitional and sustainment training regarding the pistol mounted optic. This course will be conducted in the classroom, on a live-fire range, utilizing our Virtra 300® Simulator, and in the NLTA shoot house.

Students must be certified firearms instructors to attend and will receive instructional materials and resources designed to help them create policy and training plans for use at their agency.

The material covered in this class is applicable to all major MRDS on the market.

Topics of instruction include:

  • Red dot theory
  • Important red dot studies
  • Optic parts and how they work
  • Mounting and zeroing
  • End-user maintenance
  • Armorer/instructor-level maintenance
  • Draw and presentation
  • Shooting with target focus
  • Optic failure/back up iron sight transitions
  • Obscured lens procedure
  • Close-quarters shooting
  • Engaging moving targets
  • Marksmanship and precision shooting
  • Low-light environments with MRDS
  • Dot tracking during multiple round/multiple target engagements
  • Holster and accessory selections
  • Policy and training considerations
  • Use of MRDS in scenario-based / NLTA training


Brass cased ammo only: No steel core, penetrator, AP, green tip, or ammunition that could damage steel targets or steel bullet traps

Student Equipment
  • Pistol with optic and holster (we will provide a Glock 17 MOS pistol with Vortex MRDS and Safariland ALS duty holster upon request)
  • Any tools necessary to mount or adjust your optic
  • Lens cloth
  • 3 pistol magazines and mag pouches
  • Appropriate range gear
  • 500 pistol rounds
  • Glock 17 MOS UTM pistols and ammo will be provided at no cost