Pistol Video Diagnostics (1 day)

Pistol Video Diagnostics (1 day)

Price $200.00


Pistol Video Diagnostics is designed to help advanced shooters identify inefficiencies and unnecessary movement in their weapon manipulations that add time to their presentation, target acquisition, and shot splits. Utilizing high-speed camera footage and Coach's Eye software, instructors will help students break down their presentation and weapon manipulations to build speed through economy of motion.

Requirements/Prerequisites: This is not a class for a beginning shooter. Shooters should be able to proficiently manipulate their weapons and execute the fundamentals of marksmanship. This course is designed to help shooters who have a strong shooting foundation improve their speed on target.

Student Equipment
  • 2 magazines with mag pouch or carrier
  • 75 pistol rounds
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Semi-automatic pistol with quality duty, competition, or concealment holster. Holster must allow one-handed reholstering of pistol and maintain an open mouth after the pistol is drawn.